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NEW: The Secret Weapon You Need to Get Tons of Sales & Customers this Year

Getting a consistent rush of sales and customers to your business in today’s world is simple.

It is all about 2 things:

(1) Knowing where you can find a huge number of your potential customers

(2) And knowing how to attract them to your business.

In order to do these 2 things, all you need are the same tools and strategies that smart people are using to start businesses and acquire million worth of sales very fast.

Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t know about these tools and strategies, talkless of using them.

Which is why, many struggle to get sales and customers on a consistent basis.

I am going to reveal one of such tools(this one is actually a huge weapon) in a minute but before that, let me tell you a personal story that will make you really understand this.


Around last July, I was trying to pick up some toiletries in a mini-supermarket beside my estate when I saw a product that promises hair-growth for women.

I checked the price of the product and saw that it was only N1,500.

So, I added it to my cart and gave it to a friend of mine who was loosing her hair to try it out.

3 weeks after, she called me and was raving over the phone about how the product was working wonders for her.

So, I started thinking.

Maybe I can actually sell this product and make some good income from it.

So, I went back to the supermarket and bought the product.

This time, I wanted to get in touch with the manufacturer and see if I could get them at a cheaper cost.

To cut the long story, I found her.

The producer was a woman and she markets the product via 2 means:

(1) By putting them in supermarkets that will accept them (where she sells like 5 copies a month)

(2) Via her Instagram page with less than 2000 followers.

Basically, she has an awesome product but she was struggling to sell it.

Anyway, I made a deal with her and bought 500 copies from her at N800 per copy.

I then went ahead to use the secret weapon I am going to tell you to find customers fast and I sold all the 500 copies within 5 days.

Yes. You read that right.

I sold all in 5 days.

And I even sold them for N7500 each.

When I went back to this woman to get more, she could only supply me with 200 copies because she couldn’t produce them that fast and she was surprised at how fast I was selling them.

I wasn’t bothered because I already knew such will happen.

But I already made a fast N5m in sales from a product that she was struggling to sell.

Just like a lot of small business owners who have good products/services, she would have become a multimillionaire only if she knew how to use the same weapon I used to get a rush of sales and customers for her product.

A student of mine who sells beauty products for a network marketing company has been struggling to sell her products for more than 8 months since she joined the programme.

That was until she got access to this same weapon and how to use it.

She then went ahead to produce an income of N4million within 6 months.

This secret weapon is…..


Slow down…

I am going to tell you what this weapon is but let me tell you what this weapon does first.

Do you know what I consider to be the number one mistake that causes small business owners to struggle with getting consistent sales and customers?

It is this:

“They do not figure out where and how to get a consistent rush of customers before starting their business”

But thanks to this weapon, you can now find a supply of customers for your product or service.

So, what is this secret weapon?


Mind you, I did not say spamming other people’s pages or any of the other useless things people do on Facebook hoping to get customers

Think about it.

Facebook alone has about 17 million registered Nigerians from ages 18 and above.

Do you know how big a million people is talkless of 17 million.

That is not the best part.

The best part is that anyone can start using Facebook to promote their business with as little as $5 a day.

Facebook advertising is the only medium I know that allows a small business owner to ramp up sales and customers very fast.

According to Miles Beckler (an advertisng expert) – If you can master the art and science of Facebook ads, you can essentially “print money” off your Facebook ad campaigns.

I spent N1.7m on Facebook adverts in Dec 2017 because they work like crazy.

Truth is, your business will continue to struggle until you have a way to get consistent sales and customers which is what Facebook can do for you.

Facebook advertising works for:

– Businesses that sell physical products (Including soaps, perfumes, etc)

– Network marketing businesses

– Businesses that sell digital products (Ebooks, software, reports, video)

– Businesses that offer services (E.g. Trainer,

– Real Estate

– Local Businesses (restaurants, gyms, spa etc)

But like any other weapon, you have to know how to use it or else you won’t get the results you want.

If would like to get access to a training that shows you a proven system to running Facebook adverts, you should click here to get access to the Facebook training.

I wish you success in 2018.








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