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How to ‘think’ to make N20m a month

One of my ‘active’ subscribers sent me a mail during the weekend asking for advice

By the way, ACTIVE as seen above refers to the very tiny percentage of my subscribers who are doers.

Not the bulk majority who never get off their ass to do something

He was asking for advice on what to do in order to make N20m within the next 30 days.

So, I told him to call me.

When he called, our conversation went like this:

His replies are denoted by AS (Active Subscriber)

ME: So, how much do you make in a month right now on average?

AS: I make between N500k and N750k a month

ME: How consistent is that?

AS: It has been like that for more than 7 months now.

ME: Okay, here is the thing. Let’s just say your current monthly income is N600k.

AS: Alright

ME: If your current monthly income is N600k, you can’t just fly up to N20m a month like that.

Let me explain:

There are certain things that you do right now that is making that N600k a month happen for you.

In order to move ahead, your next goal has to be something that your body and mind can believe based on your current conditions

So, I will say – Set a goal to move to N2m a month instead.

Your brain will believe that easily and it will help you achieve it

The thing about the brain is this:

When you set a goal that the brain CAN’T see as achievable, you are likely not going to achieve it.

Moving from N600k to N20m a month is probably going to cause your brain to experience some sort of overload.

However, when you set a goal of N2m a month (which your brain can SEE & BELIEVE), it helps you to deploy resources to achieve it.

The good news is that – while you are trying to hit N2m a month, you might actually end up hitting that N20m a month or more.

But if you don’t, you simply move on from there.

If you achieve your N2m a month goal, you set another goal for N5m a month

And then N10m a month

And before you know it, you are at N20m a month

That is how to do it.


What I just explained is call chunking.

When you have a BIG goal, it is always better that you chunk it down into smaller, believable and achievable goals

That way, you will be able to see yourself doing it.

It is like eating an elephant.

If you try to take everything up at once, you are going to suffocate and die.

But if you cut it up and eat it little by little, very soon, you would have finished it

It is a new month.

Have you set your goal for this month?

I found out a long time ago that my productive months are those months where I set a goal for myself.

Set a goal for yourself this month and take action towards it.

May God help us all


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I hope you change today.

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