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Don’t ENVY this banker. Copy him!

He used to work in GTBank.

For some reason he quit.

Decided to go a different route.

I guess his family and friends must have called him silly.

Anyways…this is what happened.

My friend, Ronald got a call from this former banker who wanted an excellent sales copy for his first new info-product.

So, Ronald told him point-blank that he charges N250k per copy.

I don’t blame him for that.

Ronald has worked hard for years to write the kind of copy that he writes.

He still invests a lot of his time,energy and money to get better.

He even told me that he is getting the video recordings of a 3-day workshop where the world’s top copywriters and marketers came to speak.

That should cost him about $3500

Anyways…this banker guy said he couldn’t afford N250k which ultimately means NO DEAL.


Somehow…they manged to strike a sort of arrangement where Ron gets a big fat commission from every sale he makes.

So, Ron wrote the copy for him.

And our dear former banker went over to Facebook to place some ads.

1 week later, he couldn’t hide his joy when he told Ronald that he had made N200,000 selling his first ever info-product.

In just one week.

But that is not even the sweet part.

The sweet part is that this newbie guy (aka former gtb banker) was spending only $5 per day for adverts on facebook.

I quickly told Ronald to tell him to start putting in more money into the ads.

He should increase his daily advert budget to $20 and then $50 and then $100.

Who knows what will happen by then?

Maybe this smart guy will end up making his former 2-years salary within a month.

I hope he does that anyway.

Why am I telling you this?

It is simple.

There are 3 MAIN things to this type of income model:

1. You need to have a good product to sell. A product that a group of people are willing to buy.

2. You need to craft a powerful sales message to persuade people to buy.

3. You need to advertise like crazy to reach the right set of people that will be interested in what you are selling (aka get traffic)

In the case of the banker, he did nos 1 & 3 himself but had the wisdom to FIND a good copywriter to craft his sales copy.

I have never hired a sales copy to help me. When I got started, I could hardly boast of N5000 in my bank account.

So, where would I have gotten money to pay a copywriter?

If you have tried to sell information or anything online before…and you just suck, let me help you out here.

It is either one or more of the 3 things listed above are broken.

PRODUCTDo you even have a product to sell? If yes, is the product a proven one that meets the needs of a certain group of people and are the people likely to buy it?

HINT: People want to be happy, rich, healthy beautiful. Create products that meet these needs.

E.g The banker in this article was selling a product on employment since he used to work with the human resource branch of GTB

SALES MATERIAL – Are you presenting what you have to your target audience in a way that makes them believe you truly can offer what you are promising?

Presenting what you are selling in a way that persuades people to buy can be the only difference between making 2 sales per day and making 50 sales a day.

You do not have to be a top-notch copywriter to start selling online. You just have to know enough about your product and the people you are selling to and use that to create a compelling sales message.

I wasn’t a top-notch copywriter when I started selling online and I am still not as at now but I know enough to get the job done. That is what matters.

Almost 95% of the sales messages that I see from Nigerians online are usually medicore but at least, it gets them sales and lots of profits.

BUT If you really want to sell your products BIG time online, you should be ready to either HIRE an excellent copywriter or invest the next 6 months to mastering this skill yourself.

TIP – Don’t approach Ronald if you do not have N250k to pay. Unfortunately, he is the only one I can recommend for you here in Nigeria.

TRAFFIC – Without advertising what you have to sell to the right set of people, you shouldn’t expect anything. Traffic can be paid or free. I started with free but I now use paid these days because it is fast and scalable.

TIP – There is a lot of traffic online these days especially from facebook and google.

The thing about Facebook anyway is that you should know how to really target people who are likely to buy from you or else, you will be wasting your money.

E.g – I don’t think the banker is a Facebook expert. He just knew the basics of running the ads and that is all he did. When I ran my first set of FB ads back in 2010, I just did it. I had no training and I used it to make over 3m.

CONCLUSION – Creating the right product to sell and crafting the right sales material to sell it atimes could be a lot of work if you don’t have the time or you are not used to it.

Instead of wallowing in excuses and inaction, the best thing to do is to master traffic instead and start selling other people’s products as an affiliate.

As an affiliate, you won’t make 100% commissions but you will be making a lot of money without all the hard work.

If you are interested in a program where you can make 75% commissions from some of my products, click this link to apply

Thanks for reading.





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  • by Bassey
    Posted October 26, 2014 7:52 am 0Likes

    Please how can i make money fro
    m this website?

  • by Ayodele Joseph
    Posted October 12, 2015 2:09 am 0Likes

    Thank you Toyin. This helps.

  • by Miebakagh Fiberesima
    Posted October 17, 2015 1:39 pm 0Likes

    I am interested in promoting another person or company products online to earn commission.
    However, I realize that the I was late to this story of the banker.
    But clinking the highlighten link leads to nowhere and it seems to me that the story was first ever published in 2014 and yet still online.
    Therefore, I see no reason why the link should not ne update or remove to invite visitors to read the story and expressed interest.
    Nonetheless, I still hope that a link will be email to me.
    Thank you.

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