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People Are Not Buying. What Should I Do?

Today, let’s talk about selling online.

Recently, I got an email from a student of mine who seems to be struggling with selling his dating products which he is advertising via facebook.

The optin conversion from his squeeze page is very low and sales are zero.

Yet people are clicking on his Facebook adverts

What could be wrong?

As someone who has a lot of experience when it comes to selling online, I could point to over 20 things that are wrong with his whole setup but that won’t help him.

Out of the so many things wrong, he only has to FIX 3 things and he will begin to sell like crazy.

What are the 3 things?

Before I tell you what the 3 things to be fixed are, here is something you should always have in mind – Selling is selling no matter where it is done. People erroneously think that selling online is different from selling offline but they are the same.

With that in mind, here is a question for this student.

If he was to sell the same dating product that he is struggling to sell online offline, how would he do it?

Think about that.

To sell effectively and without struggle online and offline, the 3 things you need to have in mind at all time are:

1. Message

2. Market

3. Medium

And those 3 things must FIT into one another.

You have to make the RIGHT message to the RIGHT market using the RIGHT medium.

Your message is what you are saying to the market/audience. It is what you are promising in your advert, on your squeeze page and sales copy.

It is also what you are OFFERING. Remember this, if you make the right offer to the right market, sales are inevitable especially when the offer is strong.

The market is the audience or set of people who are most likely to buy what you are selling. You must identify them and know what they want even before you start putting your message together.

And the medium is how you reach that audience or market. For instance, if you have to sell an online game to a market of guys aged 18-25, where would you go to advertise online? That is your medium to reach them. But you will never be able to identify the right medium to reach a market if you do not know the market you are going after to start with.

Here is an example:

Around August this year, I ran the same advert (message) on 2 different news website for 30 days because I thought the audience on news sites are basically the same but I was wrong.

News website A converted at 39% and News website B converted at 4%.

And I ran the same ad to the same landing page on those 2 sites for a lot of money. That is why it is good to test if you are not sure if a particular medium is good enough to help you reach the market you want to promote to before spending a lot of money on adverts.

Again, craft the right message to the right market using the right medium(s)

So, what should this guy do exactly?

Let’s look at the different segments of his marketing.


The FaceBook Advert:

The 2 main parts of a Facebook advert are:
1. Your AD (message) and
2. Targeting (your audience)

If you go wrong with either of the 2, your campaign will fail. They have to go hand in hand. Remember, your message must match your audience.

Obviously, this guy does not know the market he is supposed to be targeting with his marketing.

It is like someone who wrote a book on “how to pass Jamb” and thinks his market is Secondary school students. So, he works hard to sell to secondary school student but sales are poor. Then one day, another person wrote the same book and targets parents of secondary school students and sales are over the roof.

Like Dan Kennedy would say, if you don’t know the market you want to target with your marketing message, you have no job with advertising.

This guy is selling a product on dating and he is targeting student like guys.

Seriously, do you think that is the right market? He probably does not know anything about the dating market he is trying to sell to.

This is area ONE that is killing this guy’s campaign because from here, other things like the squeeze page and sales page won’t just work.

There is a shortcut that super affiliates use to identifying people who would respond better to an offer when they don’t have time to research a market on sites like Facebook.

It will cost you some money though.

It is known as buying data.

What you do is to just target everybody and use the Facebook tracking intelligence to sort out the right segment of people who are actually buying what you are selling or optin into your list if that is your focus. This is you buying data that will help you know who you should target.

After running the test campaign for about 5 days, you can now sit down and create new campaigns that will ONLY target the group of people you identified in the test campaign.

Traffic channels like Facebook and Adwords are for big players who either have a lot of money or who really know what they are doing. If you don’t want to invest a little time to get what you are doing right, then you should look for other smaller mediums to reach your audience.

Next, let’s talk about the squeeze page for this campaign:


Even after you have been able to identify the right market that are more motivated to buy from you, you will be making a huge mistake by having a mediocre message on your squeeze page.

These days, people can get all sorts of information for free online. So, if you want them to drop their email address on your squeeze page, you better be offering something that will make them bite.

Yes, bite. You have to look at it like a bait on a trap for a rat. It has to be something that this audience will really want or else they will simply say, NEXT and close the page.

Lucky enough, if you are willing to do a bit of hardwork on ANY topic, you will find loads of baits that you can use to start your marketing funnel on your squeeze page that will lead to a lot of optins.

Whatever you are giving away on your squeeze page is AN OFFER and it is always important that you give out an irresistible OFFER.

So, that you get what I am trying to explain here, I want you to compare these 2 dating squeeze page offers below.

OFFER 1 – Free Report Reveals How to Woo and Get a Girlfriend in 7 days.

OFFER 2 – WARNING! This Strange Pick-Up Line Is 100% FREE But Don’t Use If You Can’t Date 7 Girls At a Time

Which one do you think will get more optins because of its raw appeal? Go figure.

Mind you, I didn’t write any of that from my head.

I just did a search on Google and got those ideas from there and that is why I usually don’t know why people struggle with these things when 95% of the work has already been done for you.

Finally, let’s look at his sales page.


Before I say what is wrong with this guys’ sales page, you need to know something.

The 3 most important elements on a sales page are:

  1. The OFFER (what you are selling and how you are presenting it)

  2. PROOF to persuade the prospect that you are credible and that the product works

  3. Headline to describe your offer and get them started.

When your sales copy is not working, it is either your offer is weak or your proof is weak.

You can’t just come up with anything and assume people are going to rush to buy it.

If you can’t create a product that people would like to buy, then just go and find an affiliate or network marketing product that is selling very well and promote it. You will get better conversions.

I have seen a lot of people with poor marketing who are making a killing selling network marketing products just because the products/offer is irresistible.

I know I have said a lot in this article but here is the summary:

To sell effectively online, find out what a particular market wants to buy, then create a compelling message to attract and convince that market and present the offer to them using a medium that can reach them.

Basically, that is for now. I will share other things in upcoming posts. I hope this has helped.

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  • by Ayodele Joseph
    Posted December 10, 2015 7:19 am 0Likes

    This is great as always.

  • by Adrian
    Posted December 13, 2015 9:12 pm 0Likes

    Thank you Sir. As the student who asked that question this was a major eye opener for me. I’ve already started implementing these strategies and I am seeing much better results.

  • by Matthew Emmanuel
    Posted February 19, 2016 1:32 am 0Likes

    Thank you Boss. Well said

  • by jenje akinoladapo austin
    Posted April 7, 2016 6:59 am 0Likes

    this is great,i wish I had this before I started advertising my online biz on Facebook

  • by James
    Posted December 9, 2016 8:09 am 0Likes

    Using the wrong facebook advert objective can also be the problem.

    When am running fb ads I use the “Conversion Obj “than “clicks to website” objective
    . I noticed that when I use the “clicks to website “I get a bunch of clicks to my ads but no conversion but using the “Get Conversions Objective ” i get a lot of subscribers.

    So if your are getting clicks but no conversion then change your advert objective and make use of the Get Conversion Objective by placing a pickel on your “Thank You Page ” which is the page after someone is taken to filling your opt-in form .

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