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You Don’t Need to Go to School If All You Want To Do Is Make a Lot of Money

You don't need to go to school if all you want to do is make a lot of money


A lot of people will tackle me for this post.

But before you comment, read this in full and let me make my case so that you can see how true this is.

Why do we have lots of unemployed people?

Why do we lots of underpaid people? – E.g I know lawyers who earn N40,000 a month after spending 5 years in the university and 1 year at law school.

The reason is simple – We have been pre-conditioned to think that going to school = a way to earn income.

Which is a BIG, FAT Lie.

Because of this way of thought, people go to school to study a course like Microbiology, Accountancy etc.

They get a Bsc. Or HND certificate and make N150,000 a month (if lucky because most don’t even earn up to N80,000)

To get a small boost in income, they have to spend another 2 years for Masters or a professional course like ICAN.

But I can show you a simpler and reliable way to make N250,000 by the end of the month without going through all that.


The first thing is for you to understand that:

Income aka money is a by-product of PRODUCTS exchanged or SERVICES rendered. Period!

* If you sell me a phone (product), I will give you money.

* If you consult for my business (services), I will give you money.


The higher the quality/quantity of the products or services you exchange, the more money comes into your pocket.

QUALITY – If you position the services or products you sell as high quality, you will be able to charge more for it. (THINK Samsung Galaxy to an ordinary China phone)

QUANTITY – If you sell the same thing at the same price to 100 customers, you will surely make more money than selling to 10 people.



Let’s focus on exchanging products for the purpose of this post.

One of the simple ways to make N250,000 a month is to find products you can sell online and sell them.

And believe me, there are tons of products you can sell.

If not, why do you think companies like Amazon, Dealdey, Konga, Jumia keep springing up everywhere?

I know several young guys (Most are undergraduates and young graduates) who import various products online for as low as N3000 and sell them for N8000.

That is an average profit of N5000 per item.

To make N250,000 a month, they only have to sell 50 copies.

That is approximately 2 copies a day. (They SELL more than this though)

The good thing is – In today’s world, you don’t even have to import or create any product to sell.

There are many companies that offer affiliate programs where you sell for them and you get a commission for each sale.

One of the companies I sell for PART-TIME is known as MoreNiche and I have woken up many times to commissions of $565, $597 etc in my account.

What this tells you is this:

All you really have to do to make N250k by the end of the month are:

STEP 1 – Find one or more products that SELL

STEP 2 – Create a plan to SELL a lot of them


Getting a valuable product to sell (STEP ONE) is not the problem.

There are tons of them. You can go to, Moreniche, Clickbank, Dealconvert etc right now and sign up as an affiliate or you can just join a valid network marketing company.

Where the problem lies is STEPS 2 and 3.

If you can’t sell, you can’t make nothing.


And selling here does not mean hawking.

It means strategic selling. Selling that produces lots of results.

Unfortunately, while school taught you algebra and other stuffs you don’t need in the real world, they didn’t teach you valuable things like how to sell.

This is where a lot of people get stuck. Even people who self-employ themselves or people who join network marketing companies and end up struggling.

I realized this 8 years ago.

And I devoted myself to learning the best selling techniques that is useful for average people both online and offline.

I have taught these selling techniques to a lot of people and it has changed their lives and businesses.

I want to teach it to you too but ONLY if you are interested.

If you are NOT interested, don’t even click this link

By the way, remember – the title of this post is “You don’t need to go to school if all you want to do is make a lot of money”

What I mean is people should stop thinking that going to school = lots of income.

No. Go to school to study medicine and save lives.

Go to school to study law and defend people.

Go to school to study Economics and do whatever they do in the society.

I am not saying you shouldn’t work with your certificate but if one of your goals is good income, relying on ONLY your school certificate is not the best strategy.

This is a short post. But I hope you got the main gist.

P.S – The only marketing they teach in school is marketing that works for big companies like Nestle, MTN etc who have millions to spend – so, you can work for them and they can pay you N150,000 a month.

Click here to get the online training I created on how you can start turning yourself into a selling machine

Oya…let the comments start. Lol.

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  • by Mark Iwoh
    Posted April 21, 2016 10:46 pm 0Likes

    How can I buy the package on how to sell online, because I can’t attend your seminars but strongly believe atleast you must have writen something down. Also what guarantee do I have that if I put in the work, It’ll be a succesd.

    Posted May 9, 2016 3:39 pm 0Likes


    you have really opened my eyes on all what i dont even know existed,

    thanks always.

  • by Gideon MicDare
    Posted June 29, 2016 2:15 pm 0Likes

    Golden Word….Thanks for the post

  • by Ayodele
    Posted July 21, 2016 11:26 am 0Likes

    Omotosho is really a bomb! That is why a website like is very helpful in times like this.
    Awesome work bro

  • by Ezekiel Oluwafemi
    Posted August 22, 2016 4:22 pm 0Likes

    Lovely Post.
    I love what you shared, because many people believed that
    if they dont go to school, they can be successful in life. and
    The failed to understand that what they learn in school will
    not make them 1naira.

    Dont celebrate your certificate, celebrate your discovery that
    can make you millions of dollars online.

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