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What I am Learning From My Training With Anthony Joshua

In 2017 (around November), I bought a punching bag.

I think the cost was around N30,000 or so

I also bought 2 pairs of boxing gloves to go along with it.

I got them because I wanted to start boxing as a way to exercise and get in shape.

But you know what?

Up till this month, I didn’t do much with the punching bag.

This month (June 2019), I decided to get myself a personal trainer.

His name is Joshua but we call him Anthony Joshua

That is because he is a trained boxer + his name is Joshua

He trains me on fitness and boxing between the hours of 7am – 8am, 5 days a week

And the guy is ruthless like all personal trainers should be


Ever since we started training, there are 3 lessons I have learnt that also applies to business

LESSON 1 – Get a coach that will show you the right thing to do and even push you to do it

Here is the thing.

I have been trying to be fit on my own for more than 2 years now

I went to Google to pull some workout plans

But you know what?

Nothing has been achieved so far.

That is because, I am probably doing the wrong workouts

Or doing them the wrong way

Or not doing enough of them because it is hard to push yourself when you are the only one

But ever since Anthony Joshua started training me, I am beginning to see amazing and fast results

And he pushes me

For instance, on our second week, he forced me to do 100 pushups

And I was surprised that I did it.

I never knew I had that type of energy in me

The same thing happens with people who are trying to do business

Many people just go to Google and get unproven information

There are certain things in life where you need strategy and experience if you want amazing results

One of those areas is business

Getting an experienced mentor or coach to help you will save you millions of hours and wasted efforts

Of course, it will probably cost you some money but what you are going to get will be much more than the money

Because of this, I am paying a guy I met on twitter N100,000/hour so that he can give me some guidance about our real estate business

Maybe we will eventually spend 3 hours

This is because what I am going to learn from him will save us from making stupid mistakes and get us the results we want faster

We also had to pay a farming consultant a good sum of money to help us with our new farming project

People with a poverty mentality never understand this

They always think the money they spend to buy a book will only make the author rich

So, they go and spend the money on food or clothes or something else that doesn’t add to their intelligence of bank account

If you are on my newsletter list and you still think this way, I pray God will deliver you.

This LESSON 1 is simple:

The best way to achieve your goals in any area of life is to FIND someone who is an expert in that area and get them to show you the right things to do to get the results you want.

Then model those things and you will get the same results or better.

In the next part, you will learn the second BUSINESS LESSON from my trainings with Anthony Joshua.

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  • by Foskaayforum
    Posted June 25, 2019 11:02 am 0Likes

    Indeed this is an eye-opener for those that care to listen. Most people indeed think they are doing the author favour buying, fine but they benefit more. Just like saying you doing lecturer favour for attending classes.

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