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The ‘Secret Shortcut’ Used By a Young Ibadan Man to Make N3m In 30 Days Selling a 28 Paged Report


I like shortcuts.

Legitimate ones.

Most people say there are no shortcuts to success but I disagree.

I will explain why in a minute.

There are shortcuts everywhere. That is, if you recognise them.

Mind you, the shortcuts I am talking about has nothing to do with been lazy.

The story I am about to tell you in this short article is based on one of the shortcuts I know of.

And it has to do with making money.

Actually, this story is kind of old.

I have told it several times but I always tell it over and over again because it is one of those stories that opened my eyes to how possible a lot of things are.

Some years ago, maybe 2008 or thereabout, I was reading an article written by the publisher of a publication known as Success Digest.

In the article, this wise man talked about one of his protegees who had just made N3m in 30 days just by selling a short business report.


I had no doubts as to if the story was true or not.

A lot of Nigerians will simply say “LIAR” or “WHO CARES” and move on to something else.

Not me.

I had recently left school in a hurry to master the art of making money independently.

And I was struggling to make up to N25,000 a month.

All I wanted to know was what he was doing so I can start doing the same.

So, I started a secret research.

The research led me to read lots of forum posts, blogpost and books.

Eventually, after about a year, the research led me to interview this young Ibadan man via email.

From this interview, I learnt that:

1. He studied a man in the US who makes as much as $2 million from just ONE newspaper advert.

2. He tweaked the man’s formula for a Nigerian audience and applied it.

Here is a Breakdown of the Money-Making Formula He Applied:

STEP 1 – He looked for an audience (or a market of people) who are already looking for a solution to an issue in their lives.

This is the first mistake that majority of people make when starting a money making venture. They put the cart before the horse. They go and get products first and start looking for people who might be interested in them.

Not this man.

He had learnt that one vital shortcut to making a lot of money is identifying a group of people with certain desires, frustrations and passions. Then finding products they want to buy and selling it to them.

And that is what he did.

He realized that a lot of people were looking for genuine information on how to make money on the internet. Something he has been doing since 4 years ago. So, he created a simple to follow report on what he has learnt.


STEP 2 – He identified a medium to meet these types of people who would be interested in buying his report.

In this case, the audience were already reading success digest every week.

Herein is another problem people have.

A lot of people ask me; “How do I market my information report?”

Once again, they have everything turned upside down.

Before you even decide to create or sell any information product, you should have a good idea of the market/audience you want to sell to and where you can reach plenty of them.


STEP 3 – He wrote a powerful full paged advert to sell his short report for N6,500 only and placed it inside the Success Digest publication.

The ability to craft a highly persuasive message is critical to getting this formula to work.

He knew that creating a sales message to persuade people to buy your product is vital. So, he sat down and crafted a very powerful advert that ran 3 times and made N1m per week netting him N3m in total.

STEP 4 – He repeated the winning campaign.

When the ad started to bring in money, he would take some of the income and reinvest it in running another advert thereby making more sales.

This simple campaign of his made N3m in 30 days before he paused it to move on to something else.

My Personal Shortcut Insight:

This interview was gave me a deep insight into a shortcut to success that most people do not know about.

See, if you want to cut the time it takes for you to succeed at something, here is the shortcut:

Find someone who has already succeeded at the thing you want to achieve and get them to coach you on how they did it.

Will it cost you money?

Yes. It will probably cost you a lot of money but it will save you a lot of time and bring you enormous results.

If I could pay Mike Adenuga or Jimoh Ibrahim N5m to learn from them for just 2 hours, I will do it without blinking.

I prefer it 1 million times than having to figure things out by myself via trial and error.

These people have already made a lot of mistakes.

Learning from them will help me avoid a lot of those mistakes.

This doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes of your own. But the mistakes will be reduced if you are smart.

This is my shortcut formula to success.

If you think it is not a shortcut, compare it to figuring things out yourself.

This simple advice will cut the time it takes you to do it on your own by 100, maybe even 1000.

Can you too make N3m in 30 days from selling a short report?

Maybe. It depends on you… if you learn how to do it and take action.

Maybe you won’t make the N3m in the next 4 months because there is a learning curve but if you stick with it, your hardwork will pay off.

I created a course on creating and selling short reports 2 years ago. You can see it here.


– Toyin

P.S – The young Ibadan man I wrote about in this article is now the Owner and CEO of Nairabet which is the biggest sports betting company in Nigeria. Go Figure! 🙂

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  • by Tony
    Posted February 2, 2016 2:21 pm 0Likes

    Thanks for this write up man. I have always known that there are short cut if not why are cars machine internet produced and every day researches are carried out for shortcuts. Even books are shortcut and this your write up is a shortcuts to somebody somewhere

  • by Kennedy Osuji
    Posted February 12, 2016 4:02 pm 0Likes

    Toyin, I am voraciously devouring your writings in order to better apply my competence in writing. I should have followed U earlier but it’s not late yet. I’ll be launching soon.

  • by Lamidi Aderonke Temilola
    Posted March 30, 2016 10:33 am 0Likes

    Thanks for this wishing to learn more from you

    Posted April 24, 2016 1:49 pm 0Likes

    i am highly impressed since almost 6 days i came across you by chance and since then i have been following and reading your write-ups on your blog, God bless you more.
    Can you help with with reduction on this N10k to learn this selling strategies as am a poor public school teacher?

  • by Banana
    Posted September 1, 2016 5:22 am 0Likes

    Thanks Man

  • by kenneth
    Posted April 24, 2018 8:09 pm 0Likes

    thank you very much sir for this information,i want to partner and learn from you how this business goes please help me…

  • by Ken Iweha
    Posted October 16, 2018 5:26 pm 0Likes

    Highly elated with your exposition of the principle of ‘shotcut’ in business success. Want to learn more to gain more competence. You’re a great teacher & I’ll always go with you.

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