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Why I LOVE Information Marketing:

When Ignorant people hear the words “Information Marketer,” their minds quickly shift to a mediocre guy selling an ebook with a poorly designed one paged website.

Good for them.

But for those of us who understand it, we know that a real information marketer is someone who has mastered the ART of selling anything.

Not just information.

Anyone who can sell something intangible like information especially at high prices has developed an invaluable skill which is the ability to MARKET and SELL anything valuable.

He has developed the ability to command what Dr Sunny Obazu calls “the Invisible Paymaster” anytime he so wishes.

He is a master of Direct marketing which is the MOST powerful form of marketing.

Not only that.

Real Information marketers are smart business folks.

They don’t start any business just because it looks or sounds promising.

They know about people’s emotions and how they think.

They know you should ONLY create a business based on what people want to buy. This reduces the chances of failure unlike how naive people go about starting their own businesses.

Real information marketers know how to start a new business and profit big from it as fast as possible.

I created one in 2012 that made about N3m in the first 30 days starting with a capital of about N40,000.

A mentor of mine created a new business in 2010 that brought in $3 million within the first month that it was launched.

That is why people who are naive call us “folks who try to get rich quickly”

Who doesn’t want to get rich as fast as possible?

They ONLY say that because they do not know how.

Another thing naive people think about information marketers is that they do not operate a REAL business that makes a lot of money.

That makes me crack up and laugh in Spanish.


Say that to the guys behind Agora who do about $500m per year.

Say that to the guys behind Beach Body that do over $400m per year.

Say that to Eben Pagan, a smart guy who does about $29m per year.

Or even try and say that to a 21 year old guy I met online 2 months ago who did $1m last year with information marketing.

It is all about your understanding of this business model and the systems you are putting to work.

But you have to start from somewhere.

You have to know how you can make N100k a month before you can make N1m in a month.

I have systems that I am working on as I type this so that I can pull in N10m a month from information marketing.

I wouldn’t TRY and explain it to a newbie because they won’t understand.

Rather, I will  try and teach a newbie how to create and sell short information products that can bring in anything from N100k to a N1m per month.

If the newbie is committed, focused and hardworking on what I am teaching him, he will learn a lot and use that knowledge to increase his monthly income.

When anyone asks me to recommend a way for him to start making money online, I simply tell them to start with information marketing.

I SAY that because the benefits you will get from it are HUGE.

Not just money. In the process of mastering how to market information, you will discover valuable things that most people will never come across in their entire lives.

But better still, when you market the art of selling information, you will automatically be able to move into any other online business model you can ever think of and not only succeed in it BUT DOMINATE the industry.

For instance, there is a HUGE difference between an ordinary blogger and a blogger who has mastered information marketing.

A well trained information marketer will out-perform other bloggers in the same niche who have no information marketing training.

That is why guys like Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher can end up with a blog that does $12million a year.

The best part I love about information marketers is that we are “life changers”

Think about this. If the guys who created all those books, courses and trainings that I fed on never created them, I would probably be on farm as we peak because I studied Botany in school.

With some luck on my part, I would probably be making about N80,000 per month and working from 8am to 5pm. I would even have to get permission from my boss each time I needed to travel.

Real information marketers produce valuable content that someone can use and change their lives.

This reason alone is why I will always be an information marketer

If you like this post and you will like to be a REAL information marketer and get all the benefits that comes from it, you should consider taking advantage of my 2 months FREE coaching that I am making available to only 40 people.

I will be training these 40 people how to focus on and master a small segment of Information marketing known as short reports.

I am doing this because creating and selling short reports can be learnt faster and you can profit from it fast so that you can be making money as you continue to master other aspects of marketing information online.

12 people have taken it up already.

That leaves 28 spaces remaining.

If you would like to know how to qualify and get a space, click this link for FULL Details.

Thanks for reading.


P.S – A shout out goes to every diligent information marketer out there.

Guys who don’t steal other people’s contents to use as their own.

Guys who are consistently improving their skill to become better at marketing.

Guys who know that information marketing goes FAR beyond the little N200k or N400k you are making per month and are working at getting higher.

I also DOFF my hat to every information marketer that I have learnt from.

You guys taught me almost everything I know from finding HOT markets to creating low and high priced products to marketing the heck out of them.

People like:

– Akin Alabi

– Dr Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase

– Jimmy D Brown

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (yes, I learn a lot from the way they create, package and sell their products)

– Late Gary Halbert

Robert G, Allen (My first information marketing teacher)

– Eben Pagan

Frank Kern

– Dan Kennedy

Ted Nicholas

– And a lot of other SUPER awesome people.




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  • by tola
    Posted July 28, 2014 1:13 pm 0Likes

    Now u got my attention. ..
    I av been trying to learn
    This online business
    Can u teach me effectively
    No game..cus they so much fraudster
    Out there u dont knw who to trust.
    I also wonder if u making so much money
    Why er u teaching people. …people er not dat kind in this part of d world…..I want to learn sha

  • by Joseph
    Posted July 28, 2014 4:59 pm 0Likes

    Can one who knows very little about Information Marketing attend?
    I intend sending someone to attend on my behalf but he knows little or nothing about information marketing.

    I’m the same guy who begged you for another date because I’m not Nigeria and will not be back then.

    Eager to hear from you

    • by Toyin
      Posted July 28, 2014 8:17 pm 0Likes


      If you want to attend the coming workshop, you must have taken the primary short reports cash system course which is a prelude to this workshop or else, you will only be wasting your time. You can see the main short reports course at

  • by usoro
    Posted July 28, 2014 7:37 pm 0Likes

    hmmmm. your right up is convincing,the truth is that if you even make as much as one million naira a month,you wont have the time of organising seminers and teaching people how to make money. the truth is that you are making money fron the people in your list,by showing them how to make money. thats it. What me i know is that the way to make money is just by selling,either a product or servive,the same way applies online,you have to sell product or servive,simple. The only difficulty we encounter is how to make people buy these things from you. so for now ,thats the main thing i want to learn.

    • by Toyin
      Posted July 28, 2014 8:15 pm 0Likes

      @ Usoro. Your comment is funny. You should change your mindset. To start with, how much is N1m a month? And are you saying it is a bad thing for me to teach people how to start a business online and make money? If making N1m a month will take away all my time, what should be said about people who make $1m a month and still teach people? You will understand ONE day if you wish.

  • by Stanley
    Posted July 29, 2014 2:28 am 0Likes

    Hello Toyin,
    I quite understand all what you wrote. Its quite true that information marketing is like the key to quick online success… I experienced it in my early days of online marketing but failed to continue cos i just refused to re-invest in myself and the business!
    I want to be part of this exercise and would be glad to have you as a mentor.
    Whoever is still doubtful on the profitability of this type of online business should have a rethink cos i witnessed great success in my early days of online marketing selling informational products. I just wish i had someone to guide me,its surely would have been a different ball game entirely! Please Toyin, can i get your personal number for onward communication… Count me in!

  • by Moses
    Posted July 29, 2014 3:11 pm 0Likes

    Pls i would luv to^start this info marketing biz, but the only problem am having is that i have not gone to computer school or training, i only know how to browse with my computer, pls i need to know whether i can still do the biz without getting computer training, pls reply i will be zaiting for ur answer thanks

    • by Toyin
      Posted July 31, 2014 3:05 pm 0Likes

      If you can’t use a computer, I really don’t see how you can do any business online. It is like saying you want to be a farmer without knowing how to use a hoe or cutlass.

  • by oge emecheta
    Posted August 29, 2014 2:47 pm 0Likes

    I haven’t been bold to start any of your courses until I’m sure I’ve learnt the basics of the information marketing like you said ‘Primary Short Reports Cash Systems Course. When you’ll conduct that I’ll like to know. Thanks.

    Posted August 7, 2016 3:36 pm 0Likes


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