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How to MASTER Any Skill FAST…Including Making Money!

I want to quickly show you How to CUT the
time it takes to MASTER any skill by 75%

MASTERY here means confidence to get
excellent results.

With this strategy…you can quickly
CATCH up and overtake someone who has
been at the same skill for a longer
amount of time.

This includes if you want to speed up the
time it takes you to get results from your
business either online or offline.

It is actually the main theme of a book
I am working on but I just felt like
sharing it:

So…what is this all about?

In 2005…I came across a magazine that
got me interested in internet marketing.

So…I started the journey. I read various
books and I also attended some seminars as

But up till Jan 2009…my total income from
my so-called online businesses was not up
to N250,000

That is like N250,000 in 4 years
(2005 – 2008)

Pretty impressive. Right?


Anyways…in Jan-Feb 2009…Something
happened and I made more than N250,000.

It happened because in Nov 2008, I read an
old ebook that struck me at the heart.

The author gave me a VALID advice that was
so clear that I GOT what he was saying.

This same advice is the same thing that
you need to master any skill you want to

It doesn’t matter what it is.

– Copywriting
– Driving
– Public speaking
– Fashion
– Programming
– etc

Before I tell you the advice…I need to
take you through some things you have to
understand or else the advice will be
useless to you.

Number ONE – To master any skill, there
are certain steps you MUST take. No short

Number TWO – To master any skill, it is
advisable to learn it from people who are
ahead of you.

Trying to figure it out for yourself MAY
work but that will be after banging your
head against the wall for a really long time.

Number THREE – To master any skill, you
have to learn via experience and experience
comes by actually doing it. You also have to
make mistakes and that is normal.

Now that you have those 3 things lodged in
your mind, let me show you an example of
how to MASTER a skill fast.

Let’s use a skill that everyone is familiar
with as an example and that is making money

Now…the first challenge is that the skill
“making money online” is TOO big a skill
to master fast.

The reason is that making money online has
thousands of other skills underneath it and
thousands of other sub-skills underneath those

This is WHY a lot of people have been trying
to succeed online for 8 years with no results
to show for it.

I actually met a guy who said he has been
trying to make money online since 2002
and till date, he still can’t figure it out.

So…What Do You Do  To Get Results

In this example, here are the steps I
will suggest:

STEP 1 – It starts with a target. What type
of money do you intend to make online?

This will determine the online business model
you will go for.

For instance…if your long term target is to
pull in an income of N2,000,000 per month, the
business model you will want to focus on will
be different from someone who only wants an
extra N200,000 per month.

STEP 2 – Next, list out the various online
business models that can help you achieve
that target.

If you can’t do that, find an expert that can
help you.

For instance…if you ONLY want an extra N200k
per month, you can do things like:

– Selling on Fiverr and other related sites
– Selling kindle books on Amazon
– Selling short reports
– Affiliate marketing (Tiny little ones)

STEP 3 – Choose ONLY one out of the online
business models based on the resources you
have at hand and what you can easily master.

For instance…from the list above, selling
on Fiverr requires lesser resources and mastery
time than affiliate marketing.

With zero Naira, you can start to sell
on Fiverr once you understand the basics.

But you can’t start affiliate marketing with
zero naira because you will at least need a
website and traffic.

STEP 4 – Once you have chosen ONE business model,
your next agenda is to FIND books, courses and
coaches that can teach you how to succeed on just
that ONE topic alone.

EXPO – A coach will get you results faster than
other means combined…but it is more expensive.

Workshops and Seminars will get you faster
results than books…But they will be more expensive.

Books and courses will take you faster than
articles or nothing.

Depending on your resources, you can use learn
from a combination of the above means or just

STEP 5 – Now, depending on your schedule or how
fast you want to succeed, determine to invest a
certain number of HOURS daily FOCUSED on mastering
that business model.

The keyword here is FOCUS.

NEVER try to master more than one skill at once.

Mastering here means you should be learning and
you should be APPLYING what you are learning to
see how it works.

Still using the Fiverr example, let’s say you
learnt a certain way to get traffic to your gigs.

Apply it.

If it doesn’t work, go back and see what happened.

Learn. Apply. Correct Mistakes. Re-plan. Re-apply

But…make sure that you are FOCUSED on getting
great results at what you are trying to achieve.

If you follow the plan above and you spend let’s
say 6 hours daily on mastering Fiverr for instance.

In 30 days, you would have acquired more information
and experience than someone who has been doing HIT and
RUN with fiverr and other online business models for
the past 12 months with microscopic results.

You would have paid your price.

You would have made all the normal mistakes that
newbies usually make.

You would have mastered them.

MIND you…the bigger and more complex the skill you
want to master is, the bigger the amount of time
you will have to invest in it.

But by using this process, you will be able to
cut the time of mastery by 3/4.

You can use this to quickly master ANY skill.

Just decide on the skill you want.

If it is too large a skill, chunk it down to
the smaller sub sub-skills under it.

Then…FOCUS on mastering that skill by devoting
a certain amount of time to it per day.



Correct mistakes.

Apply again.

And most importantly…FOCUS!

Back to my story.

This is what I discovered in November 2008
as regards making money online.

From 2005 – 2008, I was trying to do and master
all sorts of skills so that I can make money
online like:

– Blogging
– Google Adsense
– Selling Clickbank products via Adwords
– Writing ebooks
– Selling on the Warrior Forum
– etc

When I sat down to follow this strategy, I
decided to FOCUS on just one business model.

I FOCUSED on selling information products
via email marketing.

I chose it because I wanted something that I
could get results from very fast based on my
resources as at then.

I dismissed blogging, SEO and the remaining

I even unsubscribed from the list of people
who talked about them.

The MINIMUM skills required for this business
model I chose to work are:

1. Ability to find an audience and also find
or create a product to sell to them.

2. Ability to setup a squeeze page and link
an autoresponder to it.

3. Ability to write good enough emails and
build a responsive list.

4. Ability to write a good enough sales copy.

5. Ability to get good enough traffic to get

In this case, if you have some money to spend,
you can shorten your journey by hiring someone
to help you with skills 2, 3 and 4.

Money makes everything FASTER.

That leaves you with FOCUSING on just skills
Number 1 and 5.

In my case, I already knew how to create a
squeeze page and create an info-product.

I just focused on sharpening my skills to write
better emails, better sales copy and get some

The traffic I got then was from Adwords but
there are other sources of traffic today you
can take advantage of.

The KEY here again is FOCUS on one first
before moving to another.

Trying to master 5 traffic sources at the same
time is a game of death before you even start.


Has this write-up helped you at all?

You must be kidding if you say no.

And remember…mastery is not a destination. It
is a journey. You have to keep learning.

Mind you…You need a good amount of SELF DISCIPLINE
to be able to FOCUS on one thing at a time.

Learn this lesson and pass it on to other people.

We shall all succeed!

– Toyin

P.S – I have been trying to master a skill now
for the past 2 years and I keep making the mistake
of not using the advice I gave you here.

Last month, I decide to USE it and it worked!

If you need 600 hours for instance to master how
to repair a laptop, you can decide to get through
that 600 hours within 100 days by FOCUSING on
mastering it 6 hours per day.

Or…you can do what people normally do and master
it after 4 years of NON-FOCUS.

P.P.S –  Someone said the full meaning of FOCUS is:

F – Follow
O – One
C – Course
U – Until
S – Succesful

Think about that!


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  • by Dele Adegboyega
    Posted July 1, 2014 1:30 pm 0Likes

    I love this writeup, i will to learn how start information and sell it through email marketing, what does it take to master this, also would be my mentor? Thank you.

  • by Columba Udosen
    Posted July 1, 2014 1:50 pm 0Likes

    Mr Toyin, you are 100% right…since 2002 I have trying to see how to make money only to no avail…I am one of your students in SRCS, I still find it difficult to excel…I have one report that I created but since Facebook rejected the ad. I don’t know what to do again…may be one on one…

    • by Toyin
      Posted July 1, 2014 1:59 pm 0Likes

      You can’t give up because FB rejected your advert. If FB rejected your advert, have you asked yourself why or what you can do to move forward? You can’t say you don’t know what to do again. You can’t allow yourself to be defeated. You have to find a way to move forward. What have you done about it?

  • by korede Taiwo
    Posted July 1, 2014 2:10 pm 0Likes

    A well-detailed, brilliant report.Tnx Oga Toyin.

  • by Hon. Osaro Destiny
    Posted July 1, 2014 2:14 pm 0Likes

    Honestly Toyin, i have to give you five for this write up.
    I too had issues with focus, but it’s long gone now.
    Such a useful advice for Newbies.

  • by Paul
    Posted July 1, 2014 2:47 pm 0Likes

    Hi Toyin,

    You have hit the mail on the head; one has to have a skill to eat. That skill can be anything at all, all that matters is that you know that skill properly which corresponds to mastery.

    I really appreciate the timing of this write-up because I already set this month as a target to develop myself on some web services (I’m a programmer) which I can now offer to prospective customers and make some good profit. This has further strengthened my resolve.

    I only hope that people will understand his rationale.

    best regards,


  • by yommy
    Posted July 1, 2014 4:09 pm 0Likes

    Thank you a lot . These is what have been struggling with that makes me loose up too a $1000 doing try and error. Now I know what the problem is and am fixing it asap

  • by umejesi
    Posted July 1, 2014 4:33 pm 0Likes

    Oga Toyin this is a great one. I have been get your letters but have not taken action. But this time I have decided to more learning to see which area to act from.

  • by Joy
    Posted July 1, 2014 8:40 pm 0Likes

    Hello Toyin,
    Thank you for that advice. Am a newbie. I have been working on a product, by the way, I got your report on SRCS, but I get distracted because there seems to be a lot to read and understand. This write up has even encouraged me to retain my focus in order to get to my desired level.

  • by kehinde
    Posted July 1, 2014 9:45 pm 0Likes

    Thank you very much for this report.

    Focus is very important in business, it has affected me alot and has stopped me from having tangible result in my Both Offline and Online business.

    But for the past 30 days now that I have decided on what to do and focusing on it solely!.. the result I have had has been very great, in fact, the heights I could not reach for more than 5 years now I have been able to reach them within 30days.

    Thank you for this write up. I will surely share it with many people.
    Remain Blessed Sir.

  • by Deji R Yusuf
    Posted July 1, 2014 9:47 pm 0Likes

    On point boss of life! This article hit the nail on the head and believe me, if anybody says he did not learn one or two things from this article, then he needs to go back to kindergarten, honestly…
    I have better start applying this knowledge in my life!

  • by Deji R Yusuf
    Posted July 1, 2014 9:48 pm 0Likes

    As for the newbie above…try it’s pretty okay.

  • by kelvin
    Posted July 2, 2014 3:23 am 0Likes

    Thanks for this great write up. i sure benefited a lot.

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  • by noble
    Posted July 3, 2014 10:23 am 0Likes

    well nice one

  • by ife
    Posted July 14, 2014 2:48 pm 0Likes


  • by Gdson
    Posted July 14, 2014 4:25 pm 0Likes

    Mr.Toyin. Happy to read from you after a long break..Forgottening you Have good numbers of students reading from your wealthy ideas…anyway each time you remember us again,we,are refilled. Thanks we are learning when your are talking.

  • by Sanusi
    Posted July 14, 2014 5:06 pm 0Likes

    Thanks Toyin Omotoso’s have been following your write up through my mail, you are really sharing great information. keep it up
    Sky will not be the limit.

  • by Adetola
    Posted July 14, 2014 5:59 pm 0Likes

    You really touch all, you are a good and great mentol, this write up is even rich than what other goorooss will place price on but you give it out free of charge. Indeed, you are a great mentol, keep it up Broda !!!!!!!!!!

  • by Chuks Emmanuel
    Posted July 16, 2014 6:49 am 0Likes

    Thanks Boss This is indeed what we need to achieve success in anything we do.

  • by Angel
    Posted December 10, 2014 4:58 am 0Likes

    Thanks for this timely advice. One word, AMAZING.

  • by Mr jemeel
    Posted January 28, 2018 5:51 am 0Likes

    Nice one .. I may want your service OK 1o1 how will I reach out to you….

  • by Jeremiah Ogunrinu
    Posted November 6, 2019 10:25 pm 0Likes

    I commit to take action

  • by Awogor Matthew
    Posted January 18, 2021 9:53 am 0Likes

    A word is enough for the wise.

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