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CASE STUDY: How a “Tiny” Change in My Facebook Ad Led to a 1800% ROI

by TOYIN OMOTOSO | Jan 11, 2018 (UPDATED)

In a few minutes, I am going to share with you a valuable case study where I got as high as 1800% ROI using Facebook ads.

But before that, here is something you need to know.

Last month (Dec 2017), I spent N1.7million on Facebook adverts.

I didn’t say that to brag.

I am telling you because Facebook advertising has the power to double, triple rolex cellini m50515 0009 uomo 39mm tonalita oro rosa rolex calibre 2836 2813 or quadruple your business FASTER than any other online advertising platform.

This is NOT mere talk.

As far back as 2014, I have used Facebook to start an entirely new business to generate 7.2m within 30 days.

And that is small compared to what others do.

A friend and coach of mine spent $320,000 on Facebook adverts last year as well.

And that is because Facebook advertising has the power to change your life and business…FAST!.

But all this can happen ONLY if you know what you
are doing when running Facebook adverts.

I spent N1.7million last December because I finally have a proven formula that allows you to turn Facebook advertising into your “money spinner” and I want to take advantage of it as much as I can.

By the grace of God, I plan to spend a minimum of $300,000 on Facebook adverts this year using the proven formula I discovered.

When you also follow a proven system when setting up your FB adverts, FB can give you crazy high returns faster than you can say “cash”

I am talking about returns as high as 1800% returns on your money or more within days.

E.g. As you are going to see in the case study below, I ran a campaign on Facebook that turned N113,000 to N2m in 3 weeks.

Would you like to know how to do the same?

Imagine spending N200,000 on Facebook and making about N3.6m within days.

If your answer is YES, then let me share a case study from one of my latest FB campaigns with you that explains how I was able to do this and how you can too.


Back in February 2017, I imported about 400 copies of a product that helps people get rid of blackheads.


But after importing the product, I got involved with other things and just forgot about it.

That was until Nov. 2017 when I was looking at the products in our store and saw it just wasting there.

So, I sat down on Sunday Nov 5th to create a funnel to sell it off using Facebook adverts.

The funnel I created to sell the official site product is simple and straightforward.

It is just:

FB ADS => Salespage
(See the salespage here)

No optin, no video

Just straight cold traffic from FB ads sent to a sales page.

At first, I used the Clicks to website objective and changed it later on to the Facebook conversion objective to track it so I can know how much I was spending to get 1 sale.

Now, this is where it gets interesting:

Initially, I was spending $5 (N1850) to get 1 confirmed sale.

Since the profit on each product (after removing purchase cost and courier) is N5000, that means I was spending N1850 to get a confirmed N5000 sale.

Here is the initial ad I was using below (some had different images)


This was profitable but I knew I could do better, so here is what I did.


I sat down again to create a new set of ads using a special 5-step process for getting quality results on FB.

This 5 step process led me to change just 3 tiny things in my campaign.

(1) First, I changed the audience I was targeting. (Initially, I was targeting women, aged 25 and above. I changed it to 20-23 because of what I discovered)

(2) I changed the images

(3) I included a new headline to the main advert

Here is the New Ad I Created:



The cost of acquiring a sale crashed down to $0.40

If you remember, initially, we were spending $5 (N1850) to make N5000

But by creating better FB ads, I was able to drop the sales per conversion to $0.40

Eventually, FB increased my ad cost but I was still able to get $0.85 per sale to sell 380 copies of this product.

That means I spent N119,510 (380 x N314.5) to make N1.9 million (380 x N5000)

N119,510 produced N1.9 million (N1,780,490 in net profits)

If I was using the first ad setup, I would have had to spend N703,000 to sell the 380 copies to make the same N1.9m

That would have reduced the profits to N1,197,000.


As you can see in this case study, the increased and huge ROI did not come from tweaking the sales letter or any other part of the funnel.

I believe I could have gotten a better result if I took time to write better copy or use a better funnel.

But in this case, all I did was to create new FB Ads that allowed me to run FB effective ads  and this automatically gave me a higher ROI.

This is what happens when you know how to run FB ADS cheaper.

The point here is simple.

“If you can run quality FB ads, you will pay lesser advert cost and also get a higher ROI”


I do not know what you are selling but I want you to think of it this way.

Let’s say you are selling a product that gives you N6000 in net profits for each sale and you are able to use my Facebook formula to create powerful adverts that get you just 1000% ROI.

That means if you spend N25,000 on adverts, you will be getting N250,000 back which is awesome because if you do that 20 days in a month, that will be a total profit of N5m in your account.

And you can do it!

You just need to know how to run Facebook ads that get quality results and cost lesser.

So, How Can You Run Facebook Ads that Get Quality Results and Cost Less?

It all starts by eliminating the 7 worst mistakes people make when running Facebook adverts.

If you are making these mistakes when running Facebook adverts, you will keep wasting a lot of money and that has to stop now

I have created a FREE 30 minutes video that walks you through what these 7 mistakes are and how to eliminate them from your campaigns

As you are going to see, when you avoid these 7 mistakes when setting up your Facebook ad campaigns, it gives you the ability to get consistent, quality results for cheaper costs – Like this


By avoiding these mistakes, you will never have to worry again about running campaigns that struggle or fail.

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PS: Please do not run another Facebook advert until you have watched the entire video