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You Are Invited to Follow Me to Dubai


This post is about how you can be one of the 72IG affiliates that will follow me to Dubai next month (July 2021)

Like you know, the 72IG pays affiliates N22,500 per sale which is great.

But I want to do something more challenging that will help you.

I am looking for just 7 affiliates who can sell at least 40 copies each of the 72IG product between now and June 20.

That is a short time frame, right?

That is why it is a challenge.

But then, that is just like selling 4 per day which is very doable.

What I will be doing is to pick the first 7 affiliates who are able to sell at least 40 copies each of the 72IG course between now and June 20.

These 7 affiliates will be following me to Dubai on an all expense paid trip from July 6 – July 12.

Just to be clear, here are the things you need to be a part of these 7 affiliates that will go on all Expense paid trip to Dubai with me.

(1) You have to be one of the first 7 affiliates to sell at least 40 copies of the 72IG course between now and June 20.

(2) Have an international passport.

(3) Have a yellow fever card.

If the top affiliates of this challenge can’t make up to 40 sales within this time frame (now and June 20), then I will just pick the top 7 affiliates.

By the way, I think you should see this as an opportunity to push yourself and grow.

If you try this challenge and you couldn’t be a part of the 7 lucky affiliates, you will still end up making a lot of money within a short time and enlarging your mind in the process.

So, you still win.

The question now is that will you do it?

If I were you, this is what I will do.

(1) I will quickly sit down and create a plan of how I can bring in the 40 sales fast. Then I will launch it.

(2) I will get my yellow fever card if I don’t have one – You can get this within 24 – 48 hours. Just go there early if you are visiting the Lagos branch.

(3) I will go to immigration to apply for my international passport.

Getting a yellow fever card is easy.

Follow these instructions –

Getting a valid international passport right now is very tight but nothing is impossible.

You might be wondering – What happens if you are able to sell at least 40 copies within the time frame but you are not among the first 7 to do so.

If that happens, then I have another plan for you which will be disclosed later.

The main FOCUS right now is this DUBAI challenge.

I will be posting updates about this.

The clock is ticking now.

Get started.


PS: I know that some affiliates will try and use some dishonest methods to try and achieve this.

If you are caught, you will lose your access to promoting the 72IG program and we will post a public disclaimer about you.